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Are you attempting to boot the H8000 normally, or are you attempting the initialization startup?

If the unit will not boot normally, I would recommend initializing the unit to try and clear out the problems that you are having. The following procedure will return the unit to factory settings, however it will erase any user presets.


Initialization of the unit will clear out the internal memory and return the unit to factory defaults. If you use this task in the future please be sure to back up any created presets or user saved information prior to performing this. To initialize the unit: With the unit powered down you will press and hold the ‘8’ key and then power on the unit. You will hold the ‘8’ key until you see “release key now” appear on the display, you will release the ‘8’ key but then you must immediately hold it down again until you see the following message appear: Do you really want to lose all the stored information? Selecting yes will begin the initialization process which will take about 30 seconds. Once it is complete, the main screen will appear.