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Thanks for the information. Please see below:

Clearing Checksum Error

Press the ‘setup’ key until you see “service” as a soft-key option and select it. Then select the first option to the left “fix internal”. You will then see a question appear: “Do you really want to fix the checksum for the internal ram”. Select yes. This will not erase any user presets that you have saved to the unit. This will only take a moment and then the display will return to the same page. Power cycle the unit to confirm if the message is still experienced at start up.

If you continue to experience the error message after clearing it out, then I would recommend doing a factory reset as mentioned in the last message.

If the error still appears after a factory reset, then you may need to change the battery.

Below is the type of battery you will need. Unfortunately it will not be so easy to replace. The battery is located toward the back of the unit underneath the FireWire board. It is silver and about the size of a quarter. To replace it you will need to carefully remove the FireWire board, via the screws on the back panel and the ones connecting it to the motherboard. After that is removed you can get to the battery. Simply remove the old one, make sure the contacts are clean, and replace it with the new one. Then put the FireWire board back in carefully, making sure that all the pins are properly in place. Otherwise it will not read the FireWire board at all. At the next startup you should get a message saying that the “Internal RAM is new – Clear and Format?” Hit yes to format it. You should then be all set.

H8000FW battery: 3V Lithium BR2330 (Panasonic number) or CR2330

Let me know what happens.