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Jago, figured out a workaround, at least it’s currently working here. Hang a wireless access point on the H9000 – either the Eventide factory supplied USB wireless stick or a 3rd party wireless access point (WAP) connected to the H9000’s rear network port. Establish Mac<>WAP connection and confirm the Mac’s wireless IP range is the same as the H9000 – you might need to force a static IP on the Mac side. Launch Emote and make sure connectivity is established. Once established, launch MaxMSP, open an RNBO patch, and you should now see H9000 as a stable target export device. Because RNBO needs an internet connection to compile the RNBO patch before sending to the H9000 you’ll need to hard wire from the Mac NIC into an internet-established switch or home internet router. Confirm you can access the internet via wired ethernet (say, with a web browser) and you’re ready to go. Cheers.