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Sorry for the issues you are having. Do you have an H9000 or an H9000R?

Can you try reinstalling Bonjour on your Windows machine? The installer can be found here: https://etide.io/DL999

If using and H9000 with the front panel, when you change your network connect from Wi-Fi to ethernet, you must also change this setting on the H9000. Did you do this? You can use the front panel to change the setting, press SETUP and scroll to the bottom of the list for your network settings. Select ethernet when you are connecting the H9000 directly to your computer using the ethernet cable.

You could also try a different ethernet cable, and make sure the LEDs on the H9000’s ethernet port are lit up when connected.

If you have an H9000R, you can follow the instructions to connect wirelessly using the Access Point here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h9000/2.0/content/emote/getting_started.html#connecting-the-h9000r-to-emote-with-a-wi-fi-connection