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Thanks for your reply; after countless try using dongle and failed to connect wirelessly (reinstalled both Bonjour and emote plust rebooting my PC many times too), I bought a long cat.6 cable and connected my H9000 (mine has front face LED screen) using this cable to my local area router, and now the H9K got connected.

I suspected that the problem might be related to the hardware failure of the dongle which came with the H9K, however, when I plugged the dongle directly to the USB port of my computer (windows 10), it shows up in the Device Manager and seems to work……

And I’ve been using H9K for almost 1 year using the dongle and the H9K connected to my PC most of the time without problem. Also I need to have internet connection while using H9K so I don’t want to connect H9K with PC directly (in that case I won’t have internet access).

If not the problem of the dongle, what else could be wrong? Thanks.