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Thanks Brock!

That seems like a very elegant bypass utilizing the Momentary fxn

I am quite the noob, took me a sec to even understand HSx (m) was HotSwitch Momentary, so thank you for your patience

Also, wanted to ask if you think the below can be done with the H90 itself or a GigRig2

During my my searches I came across a thread, which I will quote the pertinent text below (message #4)

User rck:

<span style=”font-size: inherit;”>”Thank you Joe and tbskoglund,</span>

It was the Repeat performance parameter rather then a Freeze function that I was referring to and trying to access (pardon error and my ignorance) and that I was controlling using a latching function on my MIDI controller (Disaster Area DPC-5).


Which for anyone else that has an older generation DPC-5 (no screen), I discovered that CC#2 will access the Repeat latching function while in DPC-5 Midi mode and pressing the footswitch 2nd from right which was the same for previous devices, if that parameter is programmed per the above instructions.<span style=”font-size: inherit;”>”</span>

Airplane Hanger H90 Preset-how to activate Freeze