1) levels for Guitar Amp FX Loop and 2) How do you get that effect?

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      Ok just bought an eclipse, so once an ugly noise issue with my guitar FX loop is fixed, can someone tell me ifl i will be able to use this unit in the FX loop of my amp without coloring the signal too much on either true bypass, or non true bypass modes?  Do such modes exist like in the stomp boxes?    And what are all the ideal levels in the internal eclipse level stages supposed to be at for optimal sound in guitar amplifier FX loops?

      At this point, certain parts of the user manual might as well be written in Japanese, but the main reason i bought this unit is because i can find no other hardware filter that can get the opening sound from a song i did with Guitar Rig 3 using a unit called the "Pro Filter".  Here is a clip to the song called "Fear Controller". on my myspace  http://www.myspace.com/sonicweapon 

       Does anyone know the filter to use?  What old school hardware analog unit can do such things?  And then I am gonna assign the sweeper in that to the expression pedal of my rocktron all access foot controller… the manual of which also might as well be written in Finnish.

      Which is the best MIDI book  to learn in depth stuff when it comes to proper pro audio>



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      Hi Zap

      the Eclipse is very clean when it comes to sound coloration. If using bypass set to RELAY bypass, the signal will not go thru DSPs when bypass is engaged, provided you use XLs I/O, which is what you'll want to use with a +4dB FX loop.

      Input levels should be monitored on the front panel LEDs. Lighting the yellow area is the good point. There is an analog input gain where you could boost the input signal if necessary.

      Sorry…can't hear any filter sweeping other than, MAYBE, something between the 5th and 8th second. Is that it?



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      thanks for answering the bypass thing.  as for the filter, its on only the intro of my song Fear Controller.  im gonne move it to the top of my myspace player.  but you can also hear the effect at http://www.fearfactory.com a little more clearly because mine is not pro.   but go down to the music player to play track number 8 – Hitech hate (effect used on palm muted guitar at the intro of this song).   The guitar player Dino Cazares is the innovator of this technique.

      i have tried it with an EQ but EQs cannot do this, its a special filter and sweeping it towards higher frequencies.   i just cannot pinpoint the hardware unit this effect is based on.

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      Yes thats the one 8th or 9th second. Untill then i just keep the low pass part of the filter in the background and sweep up around the 8th second.  but this is not an EQ, its called Pro FIlter in a piece of Software called Guitar rig.  I need to know 1) how to get this in the eclipse, and 2) where to find the original hardware unit that this effect is based on.   Like I said http://www.fearfactory.com allows you to hear a track they did called hi-tech hate where Dino used this effect. 

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