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      I own an Eclipse and now I want to build a program with one of the
      pitch-shift modules to get a 12-string guitar sound. Increase string E,
      A, D additional to master tone one octave and let the other strings as
      is. Has someone an idea or already done it? I am from Austria and my English is not so good. Many parameters in the manual I can translate, but don't understand the sense behind them.

      Kind regards George

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      I'm not in front of it right now, but I'm guessing its the dual multishift algorithm (which has 4 pitch parameters instead of 2) is the closest you'll get. The mix should naturally be set to 100% and input set to Mono 1. Then adjust the pitch in cents for each of the 4 pitch params.

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      Multishift4 (prog 168) with m_dly set to 0% would be a good starting point.

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      Well, I tried it, but you need individual string processing. You're better off with a Roland GR-55 guitar synth for what you want.

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