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      I have owned the Eclipse for quite some years now and have used it in many different situations and connecting scenarios, both in the studio and as a part of my guitar rig. There are two things that I would really like to have added someday, if possible, that would really be more than just helpful. 

      I need to have more influence on the pannings of some presets, especially the TimeFactor presets. In the most recent case I need to emulate a multi head tape delay. The "TF TapeEcho" preset would be good if I could make it mono. At the moment I put the mono looper to FXB to achieve this, which is a waste of processing power…  

      Perhaps the [LEVELS] option in the [PARAMETERS] tree would be a good place for some future update… and would provide panning control on ALL presets. Some like:

      [FXA MIX] [FXA LVL] [FXB MIX] [FXB LVL] > next page > [FXA PAN] [FXB PAN]

      I'm not a specialist here, but i think that way the actual preset algorithms wouldn't need to be touched..?

      The second proposal is about an additional [IN MODE] routing option "Mono 3", that sums the inputs 1 and 2 and would result in one single mono source, no matter which physical input is used. In fact, with such a mono mode, "Mono 1" and "Mono 2" as they are now would probably not be needed anymore…  

      So, maybe you guys at Eventide could think about my proposals and if it would be possible to include it someday without too much hassle. Both things would increase the overall usability A GOOD BIT and I would even pay a reasonable price for such an update. 

      Thx for your ear 🙂 
      And keep up the good work! 


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