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      Dear fellow forum-members,

      I am planning on buying a Eventide H8000fw, but I'd first like to know if it's possiblke to use it's FireWire-capabilities while I'm already using a MetricHalo 2882 on my MacPro's FireWire-bus. I am using all of the 18ins and 18outs of this stream already. 

      My question: If I make an aggregate device consisting of the MetricHalo'd driver and the H8000fw's driver, am I able to send&receive 18ins and 18outs to&from the MetricHalo and 8 sends&returns to&from the H8000fw ?

      Any advice appreciated!

      Thanks in andvance.


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      Eventide Staff

      You should be able to do this,although it is better to use separate ports where possible. Your computer will probably be the limiting factor.

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