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      I use the Kill Dry option on most of my presets. My question simply is where do I need to put the input/output sliders to be at 0db? The range is -24 to +24 so 0dB would be in the middle of the range, which looks a little bit unusual as usually 0dB is much higher up on a normal Log scale meter/fader. I was getting a lot of overload levels when I realized that I had the faders at the equivalent of +15db more or less. When I moved the gain faders to the middle or 0dB then the gain structure seems correct. So can you confirm the above?

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      The FX Chain input/output sliders are the same controls as the input/output gain knobs. Most of the time I would recommend leaving both at 0 and adjusting the levels of your other devices to send a nominal signal level to the H9000. If your input signal is too hot or too quiet, you can adjust the line level inputs from -10/+4. If this isn’t enough, then I would boost/cut the input gains of the FX Chain. If your FX Chain processing is adding a lot of volume, you can cut the output gain.

      When using Kill Dry, the mix parameter becomes your wet/FX volume level. If you are using parallel processing, use the mix parameter to determine the overall volume of the H9000’s FX Chain (after proper gain staging).

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