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      I did the update – went smoothly. Cleared setup as recommended. Reconfiged Setup manually. Put back in my memory card that I've been using fine for 2 years. For some reason even though it says 'updating program files' I have none of my saved programs. Nothing exists in the 500 bank. I did nothing other then swap cards with my update card. 

      Tried putting the mem card on computer – and re copied my backup up folder that I saved on there back to it it and tried again – nothing. (I had backed it up by copying the contents of the mem card to a folder on my comp) 

      Any suggestions?

      Also, getting freezes now bad too. As my main solo patch I use is Vintage DDL – I pulled up #189 – tweaked the FB a bit, set to 'Vintage' then every single time I try to modulate the Send button by holding it – the unit freezes. I assign a footpedal to Send to control my delay send live. So I'm kinda dead in the water here if I can't figure this one out. Any help would be accepted. Thanks.

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      the freezes occurring on trying to modulate parameters is a known bug in V4.0. We are working on a fix. You will find info on this in recent posts.

      As for your presets not showing up, you may try reformatting the card and let the Eclipse create the PGM folder on it by storing a factory preset on the card. Then try adding a couple of your presets from the backup, using your computer…..



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      Eventide Staff

      The parameter freeze issue has been fixed in V4.01 which is now available.

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      Just installed it and it seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks so much for the quick update! – tThis was a show stopper for me. 

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