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      So I noticed on the Gearslutz forum that two people recently bought an Eclipse with 4.04 software:


      I was just doing the upgrade rounds in my little setup and checked the Eventide support site. Still only 4.01 is available.

      Maybe it's not really a relevant update, but that anal retentive side of me wants to completely upgrade everything today.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – 4.04 was produced to deal with some of our internal production and test issues. It is functionally the same as 4.01.

      In general, we do not believe that non-beneficial upgrades help our users. Every upgrade takes time, has a small but real risk of breaking something, and can cause confusion among both our users and our support staff. So, if you really need 4.04, you'll have to buy a new Eclipse. Sorry.

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      Just put my order in with Sweetwater for a 4.04 Eclipse.

      Just kidding!

      I wasn't sure if the upgrade had any relevance. Glad to know I'm not missing out on anything.

      Thanks for answering my query.

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