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      Hi, I am setting up a basic studio and have never really understood all of the types of connections in the studio. But anyway I am wondering if my 3000SE should be set to pro-level or consumer. All I am doing is running logic out through a MOTU 828 audio interface, into the Harmonizer and then back into the interface. Is it ok to leave it at +4db input settings or should I change to -10db. 

      I started wondering when I noticed my Harmonizer cuts out (flips the bypass switch/resets) when I have the current outputs connected, which could be a power supply issue, but maybe related to the way I have my outputs connected.



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      Nevermind, I now realize I can configure the MOTU828 to output at +4db or -10db so as long as both machines are talking the same language it works. I didn't know that.

      Now on to figuring out why the thing craps out.

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