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      In 5.3 it was possible to assign more than 4 voices to a multishifter (up to 20? I don't exactly know).

      In 5.5Beta there is a kind of "limit" to 4 voices.

      If you assign 5 or more voices and try to send the patch to the H8000, then the following message comes and the patch will not be loaded: "too much xhigh_data (-30720 > 98304)  Error: Compilation unsuccessful".

      I can consistently reproduce this. 

      Workaround example: Use  2 Multishifters with 4 voices each to obtain 8 voices.



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      Hi Thomas

      have you downloaded the OS 5.5 modules database to Vsigfile?

      A command GET DBASE is available under MIDI. To see this option, you must have no sigfile(s) open in Vsig.

      There have been modules additions and probably changes. Please try getting the new Database and check if the problem still occurs…

      thank you for the report


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      I see the problem here too. It also affects Diatonic Shifter module. I have tested other multi_voice modules and they are fine. Looks like an issue in the pitch shifters dept.

      Tested under Win XP & 7.

      Bug killing time!

      Thanks Thomas


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      Thank you, Italo.

      Maybe this is another issue, or maybe not:  

      I have attached the "dynamic strings pad" patch which was designed for the 4000 series. I guess that's from you. It works perfect for all kinds of guitar.

      This patch works as designed on 4000 Units. 

      Conversion to 5.3 or 5.5 (same result) to the H8000FW goes well without errors, BUT the envelope module right at the beginning of the patch does not work properly. It acts as as kind of "through"-Module, literally doing nothing except letting the audio pass, and the level(?)-meters (env ->a_to_c -> hmeter) are  all stuck at 50%.

      I have checked parameters and audio and control routing and I can't find any difference to the 4000 version.

      I have attached this patch in 4000 version.

      Any Idea?


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      Hi Thomas

      please post this in a different thread.

      thanks man


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