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      Okay, I want to use the MIDI input to control things like delay speed etc etc on the Eclipse. But I notice that unlike the MIDI Out and Thru, the MIDI In has… 7 holes? Does a regular 5 pin MIDI cable work with this, or do I need a special cable?

      I know another guy using Eventide, but he upgraded from his Eclipse to an H8000… but he doesn't recall buying a special MIDI cable.

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       Hmm, I see that the H8000 has the same configuration. I suppose this guy isn't at his studio today to check what sort of cable he is using….

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       Yes you can use a regular 5 pin MIDI cable.



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      The extra two pins are so you can power a pedel board.

      You connect the units wall wart to the back of the eclipse and it will send it out the extra two pins. The unit your using would need to be compatible with this and you'd need a 7 pin cable.

       Haven't tried it myself.

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      Eventide Staff

       Note that though the H8000 has a 7 pin MIDI connector, it does not have the wallwart socket (no room) so cannot easily send power to a pedalboard.

      Early Orvilles and Eclipse do have this feature. If you use it, make sure the polarity is right before connecting power !!!

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