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      I have read that I need a volume Pedal to get this Preset to work. I want to send loops from the Oktatrack into the H8000FW. I have no experience with this type of setup. Do I need to connect the pedal between the Oktatrack and H8000FW?

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      Eventide Staff

      It looks as though you can use an expression/volume pedal to control the input level to the loop.

      You don't have to use a pedal here – it is just a convenience for performance use. Otherwise you could use any other means to control this volume as you prefer.

      If you want to use a pedal, plug it into the pedal jack on the back of the H8000.


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      Given To Fly

      What are the Reich Loops, presets 724-726, exactly? I do not have an Eventide H8000FW but I am familiar with Steve Reich’s music. Are the presets connected to specific pieces? I recorded Electric Counterpoint the old fashion waysad, but I used the TimeFactor to see how many parts I could “realize” using one guitar and the digital delay algorithm, you know for fun. frown Seeing as the H8000FW has “a little more horsepower under the hood,” I have been curious about the intended use of the “Reich Loops” presets ever since I learned they exist. 

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