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      Hi eventide's world,

      Is it possible to have a simple windows or mac program (like the routing program) that can take the defaults presets of the H8000 and can do a big program which uses all 8 inputs/outputs ?!

      I think it's very very simple for C++ eventide programers.

      It's just : 1. list all h8000 presets 2. the user choose four presets 3. the user assign to inputs/outputs

      If C++  is too complicated to do that, with .net it's much simpler !

      We trust in you eventide ! I think in 4 hours of developpement, it is possible. One hour per preset Beer. With15min of beer pause.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry Teddy – I don't understand. Maybe not enough beer ?

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      I will send tomorrow 15 packs of european beer to the eventide headquarter.

      With that, i'm sure the preset program will be terminated 4 hours after.

      Beer In eventide we trust (with a lot of beer also)

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