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      My H8000FW has lost internal sync. There are no digital inputs–just AES outputs. The sync is set to Int 44.1 but the "ext" led is blinking and the actual sample rate is showing as moving back and forth between 44100 and 44101. It is making a ton of digital noise from the AES outputs. Again, there are no other digital inputs for sync sources. Even disconnecting the AES outs does not stop this. I've rebooted a number of times. It always goes back to same routine. Any ideas?

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      Would be useful to have a detailed description of the used routing.

      Anyway the EXT led blinks whenever a digital input is present in the routing configuration screens, even if it's not used.

      If you are using the H8000 as an analog to digital converter, try loading the Analog A-B routing, then setup the outputs for digital formats.


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      i had the same thing happen on my H8000, with the clockrate going form 44100 to 44101 ect

      However when i udated to op system 5.3, i noticed that the clock is a lot more stable



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