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      Jazz Thieves

      I would like to use the H8K as an audio interface which also takes care of my fx needs.

      In cubase I can set up external fx sends on the firewire busses provided by Eventide Dice. 

      I have set up so that FW2 1+2 has my master output from cubase which then goes to IN7 and IN8 on the Input Block. On the output block "FWIRE2 in 1" goes to ANA1 and "FWIRE2 in 2" goes to ANA2.

      So far so good. Got my tune coming through loud and clear.

      In Cubase I have set up External fx 1 as FWIRE1 1+2 send + returns

                                         External fx 2 as FWIRE1 3+4 send + returns

       and                            External fx 3 as FWIRE1 5+6 send + returns .

      I have then set up a master fx group with all these sends on….the idea being I can send one sound to complex fx which use 4in 4out…etc.

      This is where it all goes a bit murky. Even though I have fx loaded (with DSPa routing into DSPb) I cannot seem to assign the outs of DSPb to the output block. The output block itself for 'Firewire1 Outputs' are routed from OUT1 to 6.

      Could anyone possibly help?? Been sat in front of this machine for 5 hours and not got an effect yet!!!!




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      Jazz Thieves

       Also I seem to be getting problems where the audio output just stops, and won't come back on until I select 'Reset Devices' 2 or 3 times.

      System = Macbook running bootcamp + cubase 4.12

      Is anyone using this thing sucessfully as an fx box + audio interface with this setup??



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       Hi Myles

      the most important aspect of the H8000FW internal routing (inputs/DSPs I-Os/outputs)is the configuration of the MAIN inputs and MAIN outputs. Then you can route some of the MAIN inputs to the DSPs, in series or parallel, and get the sound out.

      I haven't personally tried using the unit as an audio interface AND an FX processor at the same time. If you accurately report the ROUTING you are using, with each choosen I/O forthe MAINS and the DSPs……we may be able to help.


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