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      Hi Italo,

      I was reading a review about the H-8000 the other day and the reviewer said that there has been an issue with the a-dial control on the H-8000 being overly sensitive to spins or not sensitive at all, depending on parameter context. The reviewer said that this issue has been brought to Eventide's attention and that you are working on it. Has this been resolved? I remember the review was a bit old – I can't really say what was the OS version… I 'll try to find this review.

      Talking about OS releases is there anything in the works for the H-8000 FW? Any bugs that need to be fixed? I hope the H-8000FW gets a lot of support in the future.. (still waiting for mine :-/)


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      there hasn't been any issue with the knob. <<maybe the reviewer got an early system on the unit….. the knob works fine.

      No info are available on development.

      all the best

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