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      Yes I have the idea to create this thread for a while now. 

      I know a lot of people have been beggin for VST support for H8000FW for a long time now.

      Cause we are dying to be able to program the H8000FW through a software interface.

      I also know that a lof people including my self would even consider to send donations to realize this project.

      So I wonder if there is a good idea to creat a a list of signatures of how many people that would be interested VST support, and how much you would be willing to donate.

      I wonder how much it would cost to hire a programmer that will reprogram the RTAS code to VST.

      I also heard rumours that they have a deal with pro tools which does not allow them to release VST versions. 

      Anyway, VST support is now more important then ever, Pro tools is no longer an industry standard, actually their dsp technologies are since years back considered by many "obsolete", now it is native solutions that people want and is what most people consider to be the future since the cpu power is getting more and more powerful.

      Anyway, I see absolute no reason to release RTAS only in this time, most manufactures realize it is better to release VST cause it has superior compatibility, and work in  alot more platforms and DAWs. the RTAS is limited to a very few group of elite users. I do not know if eventide did this on purpose to get some kind of deal with Digidesign, that is infact the only good reason I can understand…only a very small amount of people use RTAS, so it does not make sense at all. 

      Anyways I am absolutely serious about this, I am absolutely willing to send donations, I am going to buy the H8000FW, but I know it would make my life 10 000 more easier if I was able to program it on the screen, I know what an headache and unflexible/uncreative way it is to program through hardware with multi function buttons and with the manual in your other hand. 

      To be able to program in your daw is what you expect of todays units, all units are able to this.

      Anway, I know it is mostly a matter of "money" for Eventide, and I also know they want satisfied customers, so if they would seriously consider this they should estimate how much it would cost to make a VST version.  Not only would they get satisfied customers, I am also very sure once the VST is out a lot more people will buy the product, cause a reason why many people do not buy it is cause it is too complex to program. A VST based software interface makes it all a million times easier to program, and makes the whole process both more creative and inspiring. 

      They could add an chipin button or something similiar…so we can see how far the donation progress is going and when the goal is met. 

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for the heartfelt email (and the offer to send donations).

      First off, we have no secret deal with pro tools. Or, I should say, if we do its so secret that none of us are aware of it.

      Secondly, its not simply a matter of 'money'. If we were after money we'd choose a different industry. Its more a matter of time and resources/mindshare. We're a small team and we have more to do than we can possibly get to. In the past, we've tried to hire consultants with the hope of off-loading projects and, sadly, that hasn't worked out for us.

      We are always on the lookout for bright, talented, hard-working, reasonably sane people to help with development. Right now we'd love to find a C++ developer with GUI expertise in the NYC area. 

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      I am a C++ programmer and have experience in Visual programming. For my BSC thesis I have designed an app in Visual C++ that works with genetic algorithms to make and evaluate electronic music. In fact, if I had some experience with DSP programming I might have applied for a job! But sadly I don't and moreover I am not in NYC :-(.

      +1 for VST support. Please.

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