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      Hello Eventide team, 

      Is a EVENTIDE mac version of VSigfile on the run ? The D.Wellington/L.Hoeltje VSigX version is know unavailable, i searched on the net, i did not found it. Just a D.Wellington page, saying he do not want to develop anymore Mac softs because commercial/ethic Apple strategies disapproving front of Samsung. Ok, but it is a punishment for all the H8000FW/MAC users, and that is a shame. He could let his prevent works available, even if he stops developing. 

      I can't believe, considering the amount of musician mac users, and the importance – and future, because it's unsurpassed – of the Eventide H8000FW, that the VSigfile, wich is a great help for one of the most complex and powerful gear these days, cannot be usable out of a virtual PC solution, with all the inconvenience that occurs. That no solutions can be found. 

      What do Eventide think of that ? 

      Best regards to your talentous team.


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      Just email him and ask for it?

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