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      I am thinking about selling my RME interfaces (I have three of them) and buying another H-8000FW. This idea came from the fact that the RMEs had rock-solid drivers for XP but don't work well in Vista/Cubase 5 (the drivers cause unexplained clicks and some stuttering in audio) and they have AD/DA converters of lesser quality than the ones in the H-8000 FW.

      However, I would like to be 100% sure that two H-8000 FWs will work flawlessly in Vista/Cubase. What I would like to be able to do is to connect at least 4 synthesizers in stereo and 2 more with SPDIF, send all of them either with FX or sans FX through Firewire into the computer, and have them recorded there. So, how do two H-8000 FWs appear within Cubase? Will I be able to choose the driver and have both of them available?


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       Can't speak for Cubase, but the drivers will support multiple H8000FWs.See the Control Panel section of the latest manual (P.170) for more info.

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