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      Hello,I need to understand some values about the relationship between the Global Tempo value and the all other Effects Tempo based like delays, panners, flangers, LFO's and so on.

      Well,I've never been good in math and what I need to know is this :  

      If a value of  a 1/4 delay note equals and corresponds to a value of 120 BPM of the Global Tempo, can you help me to find the following values ? :

      120 BPM =  1/4 delay note value

      110 Bpm = ?

      105 Bpm = ?

      100 Bpm = ?

      95   Bpm=  ?

      90   Bpm=  ?

      85 and 80 Bpm = ?

      I hope that you'll can help me.

      Thank you so much

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Dario. I think you should discuss this with fellow musicians – it is a more complex topic than you believe.

      For example, a quarter note at 120 bpm in 4/4 time is 500 mS, so at 100 bpm it would be (120/100)*500 = 600 mS. But, if the time signature was not 4/4, it would be different again.

      You will see the problem.

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