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      An open letter to the Eventide engineers from a great fan of your :

      please, put the Pitch Factor pedal into the Eclipse, I really love this unit and it would be a true perfect machine if only it would have the PF factor pedal inside!

      I hope that somebody at the Eventide stuff will pay attention to this request of a great fan..

      all my best

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      Hi, but the PF presets are already on and easily reproducible in Eclipse 4.0. The only one missing is is the arpeggiator, but you can create one like it. Overall, the eclipse has the possibility of exceeding the performance of the PF.

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      this could be the best news of my day,

      now my questions are:

      are you sure that all the Ptich Factor presets are reproducible in Eclipse? I'm not sure of this, because I see the PF and the Eclipse are two different machines…I can't believe that you can create the same arpeggiator on the Eclipse, could you explain me in details, how can I achieve it?

      Let me know, it's very important

      All my best


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