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      Hellow Harmonizers,

      I'm a new user (long time reader) and as usual confused with the multitude of routing options.

      System: Mac Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.2  DAW: Ableton/Logic 
      MOTU 8 Pre connected via ADAT
      H8000FW (v.5.3) connected via Firewire. O/P 1-2 goto my monitors. I/P 1-2 is fed by a synth.

      Routing Configuration used: Analog & FirewireAB or Firewire 8 Track AB

      So here are my issues,

      a) Ableton Live – I'm using the H8000FW as my primary sound card. Got it set in the Ableton preferences. The problem I face is, everything is affected by the H8000. (No I/O insert option like Logic). Ableton does have an Ext FX plugin, but all my sounds are already affected. I have to set both DSP's to 'Thru' if I want to get a clean signal. Ideally, I would like to use Firewire and Sends/Returns. I have a synth plugged in for now and would like a clean signal without bypassing the DSP's or Dry/Wet settings. 
      While using 'Analog & FW AB', my synth signal should come out of 5&6, but I get a signal from 1&2 too. The routings have me going round n round. I even drew a diagram to take it all slow lol.

      b) I have a MOTU 8 Pre soundcard which supports optical extension. I would like to use the H8000FW in conjunction with the MOTU as an extended preamp source. I have it hooked up with TOSlink cables. I managed to get sounds out of a mic connected to the MOTU, but the I/P's on the H8000 couldn't be heard. I can't remember which routing option I used, but I was supposed to get the ADAT signals and the Analog O/P signal.
      What would be the recommended routing setup? I have 4 synthesizers to connect, so the ADAT extension is essential. Hoping to use the H8000FW as a soundcard, Firewire FX sends and the ADAT extension on the MOTU for the synths.

      I haven't tried the 'Aggregate Soundcard' option as I'm out of a firewire cable.

      I've been breaking my head all day (with breaks drooling over some of the reverbs) trying to get a non-messy setup. One way or the other I can get sound out (effected), but it doesn't seem to run all together. Scrolled through the Setup I/P O/P pages a hundred times, blew my ear cones with some feedback and my monitor cones 😀

      I'm hoping ID or Nick Rose magically points out a solution lol.

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      Eventide Staff

      First thing to try would be upgrading to V5.5  – V5.3 does not support Snow Leopard, so hard to know what it would do.

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      Hello Nick,

      Thanks for the quick reply. I would love to upgrade, but the card which came with my unit seems faulty 🙁 I've explained in my next post.
      It does seem to work perfectly fine within SL. The Ableton issue is some crazy routing puzzle, I'm sure! Will try and post on the 'Ableton forums' too.

      Any other solutions to this complex mess? 🙂 

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