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      I use the ADAT H8000fw configuration like this :

      guitar + vocal -> rack preamp -> H8000fw -> H8000fw output ADAT ->  ProjectMix ADAT input -> DAW (sonar 7)

      also : DAW (sonar 7) -> ProjectMix ADAT output-> H8000fw input ADAT -> H8000fw output ADAT -> ProjectMix ADAT input -> DAW (sonar 7).

      My question is: can I use the Adat and the firewire input/output in the same time ?

       The goal is to have more input/output, because the adat is limited to 8 channels. It is possible ?

      In fact, can i have Adat + Firewire? to have 16 input/ouput ?


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      Eventide Staff

       You can use ADAT and both FireWires, giving you 24 channels of I/O, as long as you connect them to something useful, within the routing rules of the H8000.

      For example, you could connect FireWire2 to ADAT, and FireWire1 to the H8000's main input/output.

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      Sonic Nomad

       If I understand you correctly you want to use both your Project mix and the H8000FW as sound cards or input devices at the same time?

      If this is the case then I'm not so sure that Windows and Sonar will allow this. 

      If Sonar does have the ability to run two input devices at the same time then you should be able to do the above.

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      thanks for your reply Sonic Nomad.
      do you know a DAW / Operating system that do this : have different input devices in same time ?

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      thanks for your reply nickrose.
      But i don't understand very well. Can you schematize this (connect FireWire2 to ADAT, and FireWire1 to the H8000's main input/output) ? How can i do that ?

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      Eventide Staff

       Basically you have to understand the H8000's routing and memorize the User Manual. You could also try the Routing utility available from the Web Site, which will give you the schematics you request.

       Or, load factory routing "14 FireWire A-B". Then go to SETUP and hit the "outputs" key until you see "ADAT Outputs" in the top right. Turn the wheel until you see "FWIRE2 in 1" etc. This will connect the FireWire 2 input to the ADAT outputs. Similarly, connect ADAT inputs to the "FireWire2 outputs".

      Actually using this with a DAW is, however, beyond the scope of this forum.

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      Sonic Nomad

      Eek… Memorize the user manual. I can't even memorize some important nos. lol

      I think what Nick is saying is you really do need to spend time with the manual and get a better understanding of the H8000, else she'll make you feel like a little whipped puppy. 🙂

      It's very late here. I'll pop in overt the weekend and post why this was done and how it works.


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      Sonic Nomad

       On Mac using Core Audio drivers allows users to have multiple sound devices "AGGREGATED". This is a feature that built in the OS and is a great solution if you sound card or device supports it.

      Currently  I can't use this feature as my Digi 003 doesn't support it.

      But there are many other products that do.

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      Sonic Nomad

      I was tired and posted this to the wrong thread so I'll just continue as this is of some relevance here and I'll post a link from the other thread to this one.

      So the forum crops the picture… not good

      Here's a link to the image ->

      Having given it some more thought I decided to compile a PDF explaining this setup and how to use it in a DAW like Logic. However this is going to take me several days to complete so please be patient.

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      So the 2nd FW connector is not only for mutiple units? Can I connect this to the same computer as FW1? Can i route like a sort of send (fw1) en return (fw2)?

      what else can I do with the 2nd fW option?

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      You can route sends and returns on a single FW. The second one is for daisy chain other FW units, even though sharing the bus will slow things down a bit.
      FW is not THAT fast, especially when multiple devices are sharing the same bus.
      Thebest option on a computer is to have mutiple FW ports *on separate busses*, adding PCI/PCI Express cards for the task.


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      Thanks for your reply Sonic Nomad.

      I search on the web and i see this :

      I have not test this , but it seems this driver "aggregate" sound devices on windows.
      Does anyone test this for the eventide h8000fw ?

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