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      So I see in my DSP4500 that there is a space on the motherboard for a DB-9 connector, plus two empty IC sockets right next to it – one I'm assuming is for a transceiver chip (MAX232 maybe for TTL-to-RS232 conversion?) and the other could be…. what? An optocoupler? 

      I know this is a super-long shot but if any old Eventide souls still remember what goes into those sockets, then an old studio rat would be eternally grateful. 

      Unless there is no code in the ROM to drive the RS-232 port like it was the case in with the PA-422 ports on the old (non-CE) DSP4000 units.



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      The 4500 was laid out for either RS232 using a LT1181ACN or a Sony 9pin Video format, using a LTC490CN8. There should also be a 3*8 header to select them – you will need a row of jumpers on the right side for RS232.

      The Sony format is not implemented, the RS232 might be. See if there are SETUP menus for baud rate etc. If not, you are probably out of luck ..

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      Thanks for the fast reply, Nick, that's awesome you guys still remember these things.

      I just looked in the SETUP menus, nothing to configure serial comm (baud rate, parity, etc.) in there, so there's my explanation for why the transceiver chip or the DB9 connector were never put into the unit in the first place. 

      On a different note, I just got Vsig running in a virtual machine on my Mac Pro and talking to my DSP4500 over MIDI so I'm off to make some (custom) noise.


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