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      I powered on my H-8000FW, did something else in the studio and then I came back to see this message:

      An address error has occured (E12). Program: 0017C8, Data: 000469. Please write these down and reboot.

      So I write these things down, reboot and I the same message with:

      Program: 0017C8 (as before) and a new Data: 3A5069. Another reboot:
      Program: 0017C8 (as before) and the first Data: 000469.

      I saw momentarily, the LED of the memory card blink, so I thought it could be something related to it. So, I removed it and I don't have any error messages.

      I have problems with this card (which came with my H-8000FW) since day one. The first thing was that the H-8000FW offered to format the card while it was already formatted properly and it could read the algorithms stored in it.

      Any ideas what's hapenning here?


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      Eventide Staff

      It may be faulty in some way that crashes the unit, or it may not be connecting properly, which can cause the same result.

      My advice is that you not use this card.

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