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      I was curious about how many channels of FX I can get on my H800FW. I finally hooked it up and am speechless at how awesome it is! But at the moment, I'm not sure if I'm set up ideally for maximum efficiency.

      I'm running logic pro at the moment, with a Symphony I/O, and the AES/EBU ports connecting into the 8000. I've been using bus outs/track outs to AES 1/2 and returning them on a new aux track with AES 1/2 as the input. I'm only able to send stuff out and return it at the moment, I was hoping to either send two different busses out to different FX on the H8000.

      So my question is….

      How many different FX can be running on the H8000 at any given time. Is it limited to two FX with DSP A/B and I can only either get those effects, or is there a way to get more.

      Also how do I send out to the individual DSP's and return them likewise.

      At the moment I'm working with mono vocals, so my last question would be… is there a way to have up to 8 FX presets going on in the H8000 while recieving my vocal from a few busses? Will I be able to have lots of FX basically 🙂

      Thanks in advance, I know the response will be something like "read the manual", and I'm about to do that now. I figured I'd ask the question first before I went reading. Thanks so much!


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      As you note, some manual reading would be appropriate.

      To answer your main question, the H8000 has two effect processors, named A and B. This limits you to two presets at a time (except for very large ones which require both A and B). Note that I said "presets" – a given preset may itself comprise multiple effects – for example, a single preset can have 8 different Pitch shifters.

      So, it depends on what you are trying to do…

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