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       I have 2 amps, both Peavey, a Nashville 112 and a Nashville 400, through which I play pedal steel. I use an FX loop with XLR cables for the Eclipse. I went to do some recording through the 400, and there was a constant level of white noise/hiss. Nothing eliminated or reduced it until the Eclipse was shut off (volume controls were useless – the level stayed the same). The engineer tried to go direct and bypass the amp entirely, and he said there was still hiss, and he thought the output level must be set quite low (factory presets were restored first). I came home rather depressed and tried the same thing in my 112 – no hiss. I assume something is wrong with the 400, but why would there be a problem going direct into a board? Do the levels indeed need to be adjusted for direct recording as opposed to live through an amp? (If so, which levels? I found how they can be adjusted, but how would they then be set/entered?). Thanks for any help you can offer.

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      Hi Daniel

      the only level you need to set is the input one, trying tolight up the yellow led at max. peaks. Sometimes amps are build differently, particularly FX loops. This may turn into levels issues.

      Regarding the direct connection to the board, unfortunately you don't describe Eclipse how input(s) and output(s) are connected, type of signal used, type of level used on the board……



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       Thanks, Italo.

      I spoke with the guy who had previously fixed that older amp, and he said it's basically a matter of incompatibility between the old and new technologies. He said that the Nashville 400 loop is not a true effects loop, so white noise would be expected. He also mentioned a possible impedance or gain issue. Thankfully neither the amp nor the Eclipse is faulty, they just can't play together nicely.

      The recording engineer later told me that the hiss he heard in his board was due to the lack of a pre-amp.

      Thanks for you help.



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