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      Hi, I have the H7600 with latest beta OS. I'm using an 8-knob midi controller to remote Harmonizer with the MIDI group functionality. These knobs are assigned to send CC #22 to #29 with values 0-127 separately.

      Can you confirm the following behavior:

      Using midi group size of 8, when changing value of the 4th and 5th knob, in my case CC# 25 & 26

      I get sudden program changes happening.  

      It starts loading another preset exactly when the knob is turned second time over the point of 50% value. (12 o'clock)

      Thanks, Daniel

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      Eventide Staff

      Assuming that your controller is sending what you think it is, my guess would be that  the "nextprog" feature (see UM p.62) is configured to respond to one or more of these CCs.

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      Thanks Nick, it was just as you told.


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