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      I was very impressed with Alan Chaput's demo of using all 4 stompboxes, but I have always prefered my Eclipse over my Space in terms of being able to immediately see parameter values, modulating parameters and number of algorithms. I barely use my Space pedal at all these days. Since the Eclipse can only have two algorithms at one time, would it be better to buy myself a second Eclipse to have 4 algorithms running at once, or buy 2 factor pedals to achieve the same result?

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      Interesting question.

      personally…. With money no object…. I would say 2 eclipses as it would make the routing possibilities more flexible.

      usually you might run Reverb last in the chain, but sometimes you can get some great results running reverb into a delay…. Also had some good results running chorus after delay ( and I do not like typical chorus sounds )

      the Factors are great mind you and you Know I love them..but I love freely routing of effects in an ideal world.

      having said all that… If I had the money for 2 Eclipse..I would probably  buy an H8000 or an H7600

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      Looks like my previous message didn't get submitted. Unfortunately, money is an object! HA! Suffice to say, the cost of two new Factors plus a Powerfactor would cost more than a used Eclipse; But an H7600 or H8000, even used, would be way outta my budget. Besides, I don't need yet another learning curve. 

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      Depends a bit on what you want. If you want three different effects at the same time, probably in series, you'd be better with the stomps. If, on the other hand, you want a much wider choice of effects, with only one or two active at any point, the Eclipse might be a better idea.

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      In fact, the possibilities offered by pedal, both for the programmability programmability via sw and the possibility of connections in series, parallel, crossed, are doing hang assessments in favor of the latter than the Eclipse.

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      I can use reverse crystals and TF 3:1 band delays together, but not a Modfactor and Timefactor algorithms together in one Eclipse program. This would suggest buying two Factor pedals (essentially treating the Eclipse as one Factor pedal rather than two) because of the order in which all 4 Factor pedals were used in that demo.

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