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      Another new Eclipse owner here!

      After reading the article here:,

      I still cant tell if the balanced XLR to unbalanced 1/4 inch cables that are needed are available ready to use, or if you HAVE TO make them yourself.
      The cables Im seeing at Sweetwater for instance, are either called balanced cables and come in XLR to TRS, andTT to XLR, or called unbalanced cables and come in TS to XLR.
      Are any of these the right thing ? If not, any idea where to purchase these?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated !


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      the cable is a BALANCED XLR to UNBALANCED 1/4".

      I prefer to make my cables with quality wire (Mogami/Canare/Belden brands).

      You can check Hosa website as they seem to have them:


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      Thanks very much !

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