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      Sonar X3a Producer Build 211-64

      i5-3750CPU @ 3.40 GHz / 16GB RAM

      Anthology Trial: All the Plug-In crash, lock up Sonar. Happens while adjusting parameters within the plugin while Sonar sequences are running. Freezes Up.  I have to exit the Sonar Program and reopen losng all my work.. I’m also using UAD-2 Hardware and all the Sonar Plugins seem to work fine. Am I missng somethg in the setup or audo settings. Need more RAM? The effects are great and was considering the special deal that ends tomorrow. I see that Sonar was not one the DAW’s specifically listed as tested by Anthology X. Are there any plans to directly test Anthology with Sonar?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi LonnieGinn-

      Sorry to hear that you're having problems with Anthology X crashing Sonar X3. It sounds like Sonar scans the plug-ins fine, but the plug-ins crash only when adjusting parameters? RAM shouldn't be an issue, 16gb should be more than enough.

      What version of Anthology X are you demoing? The most recent release is 1.0.4, which can be found here:

      You are correct that we don't explicity test Sonar X3. However, I've tried running Anthology in Sonar Platinum, and have not encountered any issues as of yet.



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