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      It’s been 5 years since the H9000 has been released. I’d like to know what ARM processors are in the unit and if/when Eventide plans to update those. Will the update be free of charge?


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      Matthias Adloff

      I must be living under a rock! Is it 2024 already???

      Kidding aside, the release of the H9000 for the public market has been in spring 2019 if I remember it correctly. Subtract from this at least 6 months where it wasn’t available due to the Japan accident plus pandemic shipping issues and we are just at 2 years availability of the unit.

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      It’s been less than five years old, but the module design is old. It was completed at least in 2013. The ARM processor installed in the module is FREESCALE’s MC1MX6Q6AVT10AC. You can probably imagine using an old ARM to port the presets of previous models. If you demand a novel effect in a new era, you may run out of power.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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