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      Hoping somone can help me with doing this. I am reading the manual but im not getting it yet.  I have tried setting external1 for chorus but its turning everything on and off within the preset and not just the chorus. 

      Help pleez

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      Eventide Staff

      Please give full information

      1) what exactly are you are trying to do

      2) how you are trying to do it

      3) what happens when you've done it

      4) how is this different from what you expect

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      Hi Nick,

      I want to assign cc#'s for each effect within a preset. a cc for verb a cc for delay a cc for chorus a cc for pitch so i can turn each effect on and off with a midi pedalboard IA switches.

      whats happening now is the way i have done it, its  turning all of the effects off instead of just the chorus for example and the delay verb and pitch should still be on but they are not. I get a dry bypassed sound. 

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      Eventide Staff

      It would be helpful if you could tell me the preset you are using.

      That aside, you may still have some confusion.

      Essentially, Eclipse allows you to remotely (i.e. MIDI) adjust its controls. So, you can only, for example, turn chorus off if there is a control to do this. Then you can "drive" this control from a MIDI CC.

      So, again, I need you to tell me what you are doing so that I can see why it is not working. Please give me an action by action description, starting from a numbered preset.

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      HI Michael

      Eclipse FX do not have ON/OFF switches. You can "simulate" them by patching CCs to each FX level. For instance a 4 voice ModDelay may be used as a stereo chorus, with voices 1 and 2, and for stereo Delay, with voices 3 & 4 set for delays. By patching a CC to voice 1 & 2 levels you'd control your choruslevel or ON/OFF setting….and another CC patched to voices 3 & 3 would do the same for your stereo delays.

      Also, keep in mind that FX spread across the 2 engines (A and B) use routings to direct audio. If routing between A and B is serial and you turn off FX in A…you may not hear the FX in B…so an accurate evaluation and setting of routings and FX blocks dry/wet values may do the trick here.



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      Ahh a control ??

      Im using preset #811 – Guitar rig1

      Is it possible for me to assign a CC# for each effect and "control them" turn them on and off? 

      what i did i think is nowhere close to what need to be done if its possible. I am used to assigning a CC# to an effect globally and turning them on and off via cc.

      i pushed chorus then external and set it to midi single and asigned the cc#. its turning all of the effects off in the preset.



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      Eventide Staff

      Now we are getting a bit closer …

      Remembering that you can only control "knobs" (on screen values)..

      So, you want to remotely control the "Chorus" setting on this preset. You press and hold the "Chorus" button. Then select <modulate>. Then you select the modulation SOURCE.

      You probably selected <ext1> and then on the externals page, set this to your desired MIDI CC. This would be fine, except that …  many of the presets have a master SEND control which controls the volume of the effect, and this is usually attached to ext1. This is why your MIDI control set everything to dry (no effects). It's covered in the manual somewhere, but I can't find it at this time.

      So, just use a different external – I would suggest ext4 or above.

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