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      I'm building something in MaxMSP to control H8000fw patch parameters over Midi.

      Everything works, but I have troubles controlling some parameters on the Eventide. They won't go all the way to 100% in "Capture Midi" mode (99.3% in this case).

      For instance, take the "512 Demondelay" program. I'm automating the t_length parameter. When I send "0" to Midi CC #67 to control it, it'll show "whole note" (step 0 from the list). Selecting the other steps work fine. But the last step ("off") is a problem:

      I send "128" to CC #67, but then it'll show the previous step. "Capture Midi" indicated 99.3%. When I send 126 it's 98.5% and when I send 127 it's also 99.3% – so you'd expect 100% at 128.

      Any ideas how to solve this?

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       Hi Siem

      I moved your posting into the Harmonizer support folder, as it's more pertinent to it than to Vsig.

      Instead of using the MIDI capture, I find my solution by selecting Mode:MIDI single, then either using the MIDI Capture again or simply by manually choose the CC# in the "con" field, showing CC numbers. The MIDI Single assignment works in a more smooth way.

      Please try!


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      Great! Thanks Italo!

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