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      dinkita konda

      Hi apart from my lovely H8000 i owe a DSP4000 as well..

      Been using the dsp4000 analog till now but id like to use it spidf (it has this option installed) but ..unfortunately i get a sign that says:

      Spdif =Bad

      is there something im doing wrong or this input ouput its maybe damaged?
      Help appreciated

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       Hi Alejandra

      we need to know what exactly you are doing to understand.

      Please describe everything step_by_step.


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      dinkita konda

      hi italo

      I plug Spidif in and out cables from dsp4000 to my RME fireface 4000 soundcard.

      i go to "Set up" on the 4000 then to "Audio"
      i select:
      – in source sp DIF
      -out from sp DIF

      i press audio once more on soft keys..
      i get
      sample rate 0
      s/p dif bad
      scms no copy

      and of course no sound in or out from the 4000 on respective spdif in out on my soundcard.. …

      analog works fine..

      cables are tested on other devices and work fine

      in and out spdif from souncard from and to other devices also working

      alejandra iglesias

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      Hi Alejandra

      first advice is you use true S/Pdif cables, not generic RCA ones.

      Try disconnecting the S/Pdif out cable from the 4000 to the RME.

      Set input: S/Pdif.

      Make sure you have:

      -a valid signal being outputted by the RME

      -enabled the RME S/Pdif out and routed a signal to it

      all the best

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      dinkita konda

      HI thank you..

      Im using propfesional coaxial cables ,
      though, the in-out spidif sockets from my dsp 4000 look slightly diferent than any of the coaxial inputs sockets ive seen before..(maybe is juts an old socket design)

      I tried all and it stil gives me the spidif Bad sign..
      the input-output from rme (9-10 respectively) are workin with other devices…
      Ive tried another soundcard (fireface 8000) with also spdif in outs and no luck also..

      my question is
      how normal or ikely for this device to have this option damaged ?

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       Hi Alejandra

      the socket looks a bit different, yes. But that's not a problem.

      I would suggest you try the 4000 conncted to the H8000Fw via S/Pdif to check one more time.

      No, it's not common for the S/Pdif to not work. Honestly it's the first time I have a report about it.

      Please let me know!


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