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      I am a bagpiper in a celtic rock band and am playing my bagpipes through the eclipse.  This is an unusual application for the Eclipse — I get it.    Some patches work great — the reverbs, and the shimmering patches.

      Other patches — like anything with distortion — either I get nothing, or I get abrupt feedback.  What I'm after is that edgy raspy sound when a saxophone player growls. 

      Any thoughts on how to do this with the eclipse?

      Signal chain: bagpipes -> AMT Wi5 -> Mackie 4 ch mixer -> Eclipse -> main sound board


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      The first thing I would do is make sure you are getting a loud enough Input level on Eclipse without clipping. You can adjust Eclipse's Input Gain Level by pressing the LEVELS button. Also make sure the I/O mode is set to MONO 1. This is set on the second page of the LEVELS Button.

      Do you have Eclipse software Version 4? (If not you can get it here.)

      In V4 I would start with Preset 859, "IntoMix Dirt." You can adjust the amount of gain to taste.


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