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      I just got a used Eclipse, and I am looking through the preset descriptions right now. In some cases I see relatively simple, straight-forward effects listed–Stereo Chorus, Stereo Phaser, vintage Delay, etc. But a whole lot of the presets are combinations of fx–like 149, fuzzwawammy pre; or 223, Flangerator; or crazy stuff like 314, Aliens–and so on.

      In a lot of instances, I just want basic effects–just a tremolo, or an analog-style flange, or simple wah, or whammy. I don't necessarily need or want to have a bunch of these algorithms combined to form really whacked out/trippy fx.

      Like I said, scrolling through the lists, I see that there are some basic presets. But I haven't yet found a basic flange preset (or, preferably, a choice of different flange styles), or a basic whammy, or a basic wah, and maybe a couple others.

      One of the reasons I want to start with basic fx is to compare them to some of my other gear/pedals, so I can decide what other things I want to sell (example: Should I keep my analog flanger pedal? Or my analog phaser? etc.). So any tips about how to proceed would be appreciated.


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      Most of the fx you named are present in the basic algorithms, those between 100 and 199.

      Another useful way is to select  SORT BY: Name in the CRITERIA. The Wizard will help you find a Phaser or a StereoPhaser. Third but not last, giving a good listen to the factory presets will locate any type of effect with the best sound for you.

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       Also looking at presets manuals, you'll find a page with all presets listed.

      This is useful to have a complete view of the library to locate what you need.

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