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      Hi, relatively new Eclipse owner here…

      Did a quick search on this forum for info. on footpedals.

      I've read about the Behringer and Rocktron units, but I personally don't need to do patch changes, since I already have a TC2290 for sending patch changes.

      What I REALLY need is a good CV pedal such as possibly the Rolands for modifying various perameters in whichever patch I'm using.  I could at least use volume, and then another one for modulation, delay change, or whatever.  I'm going for 'organic' changes.

      Any other recommendations?

      Also, are there still no plans for an editor (PC) for Eclipse?



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      HI Greg

      there is no specific product we advice as MIDI is a standard and everything will work. Personally I have found the Behringer a hard unit to program and didn't like it at all. Rocktron and Digital Music Corp. Ground Control are excellent MIDI boards makers and so are others like Roland. It really depends on what you need to do in terms of control, how many controls you need, are they pedals or switches, etc.

       Some pedalboards have a built in pedal, others, very few, may have two. It's more common they have 1 or 2 inputs for pedals. A research on companies websites will help, I'm sure.

      No plans for Eclipse editors at the moment.

      all the best 

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      Les Paul

      I found the Axess electronics MC5 to be very good with eclipse it has 5 buttons. I use it to scoll thru my custom presets and it works amazing with the midi mapping……the pedal is small and built like a tank….


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      Thanks, I've checked out the Axxess before, but am more interested in a PEDAL (like on the Roland or Behringer) vs. buttons – since I already have my TC2290 for patch changes.

       I'm looking more for CC changes (in addition to volume or modulation) while playing.


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