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      Can someone provide me with the most reliable food for the samplers trigger input?

      I tried an LFO, with pulswave dutycycle 1%, but it either reacts not, or overreacts, It seems like the sampler retriggers to every sample above a certain treshhold, meaning if I send in a pulse containing 200 Samples, he reacts to almost all of those creating a tone of 784hz.

      Now lets think about this. Is 784hz then the maximum rate of the samplers trigger capabilities?

      If so it would be not even close to mod rate, which is 1/4 the audio rate – since 784hz is 1/56th of the audio rate (in my case 44.1khz)

      Does that mean the perfect sample for maximum retrigger performace would have to be a pulse 56 samples long?

      Ill try that now, and if so, how can I create a trigger that long in Vsig? I tried to shoot the sampler with the impulse module, but I already knew that 1 sample trigger would not be reliable, and it was not, who knows why, I thought digital world is perfect, but the sampler does not always react, thus reacts inreliably to 1 sample long triggers…

      I wanna let an lfo trigger some trigger device which then should trigger the sampler – I wanted to create a buildup of drums for creating tension, you know, in you sequencer you can have 16th, 32th and so on, it really smashes by then, but the royal discipline it is to create a smoothly rising drum cloud starting at 16th drums rising endlessly until only a very high frequency tone is audible of the former drums – no drummer can smash his drums so fast, but if we have an eventide, I thought we can do it! you know what I mean?



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      I found the solution – the pulse with is adjustable in less then 1% if you control it via a knob element…

      But im still curious, how far is the sampler pushable in terms of triggering madness?

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      Sometimes a C_MULTIPLY module can be inserted after the trigger. Multiplying the trigger input by a high factor in this module can result in better control output for trg. purpose.


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