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      I'm new to the Eclipse, and I've recently upgraded to the 4.01 release. I'm running my unit through my guitar amps and syncing my settings to various midi channels for footswitch control. Everything sounds great EXCEPT the Blackhole2 preset (#273).

      I've heard for years about the Blackhole setting from Eventide, and all of the other presets are coming through crystal clear, but for some reason, #273 Blackhole2, is dry as a bone. No reverb, no chorus, nothing…even though it says all the FX are there.

      Anyone have any insight into this weird situation?

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      I would suggest that your re-initialize the unit – one of the gain or routing settings may be wrong.

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      Check the wet/dry mix in the Levels menu is set to 100% and the in/out levels are set to 0db.

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      I’ve the same problem

      brand new out if the box

      guitar plays through the pedal when no power is on, mains on and guitar is silent

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