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      I have followed the instructions exactly as shown in your upgrade text. Now the eclipse is stuck with this " loading romprog.exe from card. " the text says that the reprogramming takes twenty seconds. I have been waiting over twenty minutes. the text also says do not interrupt programming otherwise I will have to send the unit in.

      SO what do I do now

      Please Help


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      Hi Jeremy,

      What you are currently seeing on the display is the first portion of the update process and it is stuck and hasn't had the opportunity to proceed past this point, so if you turn off your Eclipse now and then remove the card the Eclipse shoot boot and initialize as normal with the current OS you have installed.

       I am not certain if you can directly upgrade from the boot and OS version you currently have but you can test and confirm. I will do as well.

       You can also contact for assistance at

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      I am having the same issue from trying to upgrade v 3 to 3.51 by compact flash card. I turned off the unit, inserted card, pressed and held 1 on my eclipse while powering up and it's stuck reading LOADING ROMPROG.EXE FROM CARD

      Since the original post is from 6 years ago, what do I do to get this ugrade correctly so I can utilize V 4?

      You help and prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated,


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      Eventide Staff

      Your CF card may have the wrong format – it needs to be FAT or FAT16, not FAT32 (this is not supported by older versions). It will probably have to be below 2GB in size.

      If you cannot reformat it, try another card, of 256MB or below. These are hard to find, but are usually available on ebay.

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      WOW, Thank you Nick! That did the trick. I was able to get my hands on a 256 MB FC. i successfully installed v 3.51 first and then did the same for V 4

      I greatly appreciate your help!


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