Bought a DSP 7000, have the programs dont give sound

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      I bought a used DSP 7000 on reverb.  I noticed about half of my programs do no give out any audio at all.  Half of them work fine.  I always see levels on the input.  I am not sure why half of the programs are not generating audio.  Does anyone have any ideas?



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      Try feeding the same signal to both inputs and monitor both outputs. It may be a mono/stereo issue.


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      I will take a look when I get home but I dont think that is it.   I have my sub one and two going to the eventide in and then both eventide outputs going stereo into my MPC X.  Both input levels show a stereo input but no audio at all coming out.  When i switch patches that both have this issue I can hear the clean audio source for a second as the switch happens.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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