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      Hello. I'm getting a buss error message =

      Buss Error has occurred (e12)

      Program     2a00a962

      Data            2a00a962

      It seems to happen when I  try to save after I make an adjustment on this user preset made from a stock preset. No changes made in v-sig.

      software ver is 5.5

      sample rate 48k

      analog A-B

      this h8000FW is new from factory.. I already did a clear setup   thanks

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      I bought this unit for my son. does this mean I have a lemon on my hands?Broken Heart reason I say is I read a post where a member had to replace his unit because of a problem like this…

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      Eventide Staff

      This is a generic message that can be caused by many things, both hardware or software.

      Before you get too depressed, let's look into it:

      First of all, what preset were you using ?

      Then, does this happen always when you do the same thing ?

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      It was a delay preset that I renamed. I would have to look into it unless you can tell by the numbers I I gave. and yes its a repeat  every time I make a change and update the preset it will save but when I i press any buttons after the save I get the same error message. This preset is also part of a setup configuration.. I'll have to find the name of the stock preset…thanks

Viewing 3 reply threads
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