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      When I engage the relay bypass the volume goes down a lot. Can anyone help me remedy this?

      Also, I was wondering if anyone was able to create a relay bypass patch? I have only been able to externally engage it through a volume pedal.

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      the usual questions….

      -which OS version are you on?

      -how the unit is connected (type of plug and cables)?

      -what type of signal is used (instrument – line)?

      -how input mode is configured, under levels?



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      I'm using the latest OS (3.51). The unit is connected using XLR to 1/4 cables via serial loop. The type of signal is an instrument. The master/input/output gain level are all at 0dB and input mode is stereo.

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      Eventide Staff

      It may be that whatever follows the Eclipse is loading down whatever is feeding it.

      Or, to put it another way, the Eclipse is acting as a buffer in normal use. When the Eclipse is set to bypass, it is removed from the circuit and you lose the buffering. You can probably confirm this by connecting directly, bypassing the Eclipse.

      You can solve this either by resolving the (non Eclipse-related) loading issue, or by setting the Eclipse to DSP bypass.

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      i´m experiencing the same problem,with an important loss of volume when changing from bypass mode to fx mode.i´ve reduced my equipment to a minimum:just a synth going into the eventide thru analog inputs,and the analog outputs of the eclipse into a seems that switching on effects wich use levels between wet and dry (such as delays,reverbs and so on  ) drops the volume of the outcoming signal….

      ¿any explanation?thanks a lot in advance


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