Bypass (Mute-All) not working when AES/EBU i/o are used

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      I have a strange behaviour with the Eclipse (version 4.0.1)

      I'm using digital AES/EBU i/o, machine set 100% wet but when I push the bypass button (bypass mode set to "Mute-all"), the dry signal is always present at the digital output.

      Is it a bug or is it made on purpose?

      Thank you,


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Max

      You are right – the AES appears to use DSP bypass (giving you the dry signal when bypassed) even if the bypass mode is set to mute.

      If you need it to be truly muted, you could use MSTR OUT gain as as a mute – this will affect both the analog and digital.

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      If you're using it in a digital FX loop (which I am), the most effective method is to mute the return channel(s) on your mixer.

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